Am I Normal If?


Dr. Susan Kaye


Are you in touch with yourself and others?

Have you ever asked yourself...

" Am I Normal If"?

 Inside the question of “Am I Normal If....?” comes the question of what is natural for you? What would it feel like to look at “Am I Natural If....?” Does this behavior, this belief, this quest fit my motivation, my desires, my reason to get out of bed, my being on the planet? What could be deep philosophical discussions boils down to who is “Plain Damn You?” Is your snowflake, your fingerprint, your unique contribution to humanity being honored, or even allowed? Finding and figuring out just who “Plain Damn You” really is becomes the central guide and the major key for the journey each client embarks on with us. The commitment to their body, mind, wholeness, and ultimately healthy sexuality takes on a journey into such topics as early sex messages, diversity questions, self pleasure, body shame, sex and faith, and much more.

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